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My name is Arav Krishnan , and I'm a 17 year old metal musician, producer and mixing and mastering engineer [ for both music and commercial audio ] from Bangalore, India . I am available for hire  to bring your tracks to life and to get them to sound punchy and massive, or to get your voiceovers to sound crisp and polished , or to compose great tracks for your games and shows! As for my own music , I am heavily influenced by old school thrash metal and melodic death metal , but write music that experiments with a lot of subgenres of metal. My music changes with each release , as I explore different areas of the same genre. I am also the vocalist of Bangalore based progressive metalcore outfit Skelos , and the frontman and lead guitarist of my grunge/alt band , Ebb+Flow. Hope you enjoy my music , cheers , and keep it metal \m/.

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